Friday, March 7, 2008

Feeling Really Tired

So I am not sure if I am just feeling sleep deprived or if I am entering a new baby phase, but either way, I am really TIRED! It seems I can't make it through the day without a little nap and then unfortunately that sleep keeps me up way too late!

Today my dd had a friend over. I thought (silly me!) that a friend would help keep her occupied and out of my hair...WRONG! While they were really good together, it just simply meant that I had two kids to attend to. They both needed this or that and every time I was turning around I was doing something different. So needless to say, I got nothing accomplished and felt miserably tired the entire morning!

Thank goodness for my afternoon naps, although I am still feeling rather tired! But I guess that's just life!! Just think, in a couple of months I won't be getting any sleep at al:) Better enjoy these last couple of months!


Rebekah said...

Have your iron checked. When they realized my iron was low and gave me iron- I was so amazed at the difference!

Kim said...

...and enjoy sleeping through the night!! Nursing every couple of hours is really exhausting!

Betsy said...

RK, I will have it checked next visit!

And Kim, please don't remind me of what's to come!! I guess I better appreciate any sleep I can get at this point!!