Friday, February 29, 2008


Before having kids I swore I would never be one of those moms that bragged about how smart their kids were. I just found it to be so annoying! But now that I have a little one, I just can't help myself. I really do try not to brag that much, but I thought I would share how amazed I am with my little one!

Lilly is almost 3 (so sad!) and we love to read together. One of our favorite author's is Sandra Boynton. I love her books because they are short, have cute rhyming stories, and the animals are so cute. I think Lilly likes them because they are easy to memorize!

Our new favorite book is What's Wrong Little Pookie? After reading the book only a couple of times, Lilly knows the title and even tries to read it to me! With most of the other Boynton books, she can finish each sentence (because we've read them that much!). It just makes me so proud of her!!

So, if you don't have any Boynton books, be sure to get them all! They are the best!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Thankful Tuesday's

I just posted on our 4FabMom blog that I am thankful to my friend for initiating our ebay contest.

Several months ago my friend, Kim, challenged us to sell as much as we could on ebay for one month. The results were amazing and I even won! The better news, though, was that I finally forced myself to learn how to list and sell on ebay and I haven't been able to stop!

I've been bitten by the ebay bug and I love it. I guess I just appreciate the fact that I can sell things from my house that I would otherwise give away and make a little money back on it. And while listing my items is a little time consuming, I also enjoy the process!!

If you're in need of some cute girls clothing, be sure to check out my items: 1plumbher is my name.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Thankful Tuesday's

This past weekend I traveled to Charleston, SC to surprised my college roommate, Jessica. Her husband and mom set the whole thing up and she had no clue! I hadn't seen Jess in 5 years and it had been too long. So when I received the email invite, I knew I had to go!

Our other roommate, Lindsey, also came to surprise Jess as well as another close friend, Abby. We all hadn't been together in 6 years so you can only imagine all the fun we had.

The amazing part was that it seemed like we had always been together. We have all stayed close through the years (thanks to email and cell phones!) but it was super fun being together again. And since 3 of us are mommies, we had so many more things to talk about. Of course we did our share of reminiscing and laughing so hard our stomachs hurt, but it was also fun just sharing about being a mom! Our poor friend, Abby, who is neither married or has kids, learned a whole lot!!!

Birthday girl, Jess

Girls Night Out!! (Jess, Abby, Me, & Lindsey)

Spotted, Lucy Liu at the Charleston Airport!!

Amazing! We also saw Jennifer Aniston!

Jessica's adorble son, Austin!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Christmas Trees Don't Sink!

Before I explain my whole learning experience, I have to first give you a little background!!

This morning, my hubby made me mad. And it just wasn't a "I'm mad and I'll get over it." Oh no, it was more like "I mad and I'm going to get even." I mean he really pissed a 6 month pregnant women off and I thought he ought to know it!!

Back to the tree!! After Christmas my dh removed our tree and wreath and promptly dropped in our flowerbed in front of our house (I should mention that there aren't any flowers in the bed since our dogs have destroyed it!). So for the past month I have been watching the tree turn various shades of dead! I've mentioned it to him several times, but it was still there this morning.

So, I thought I would take matters into my own hands and I dragged the tree and wreath over to our pond. One of my friends suggested that the tree would make a nice sanctuary for the fish, so I thought "Why not!" Well after prompting dumping it in the water, I quickly discovered that it wasn't sinking. At first I really didn't care. Hey, at least it was moved!! But then my mother-in-law came down and told that as the tree decomposed, it would create a fungus in our pond and that it had to be removed. So she removed the tree...since I am prego, she wouldn't let me get it out.

So the tree and wreath are again in my yard, but I've decided that I will burn it. Of course it's been raining today, so I will have to wait until it's dry. But at least I have a plan!!! Burn baby, burn!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Thankful Tuesday's

In following the 4 FabMoms Thankful Tuesday's, here is my post!

Tonight our niece, Kassie, was in a Jr. Miss Pageant and was not only 2nd Runner Up, but also won Miss Photogenic! It was a great time and I was so thankful we could be there to support her. She had a really large cheering section and it was so cool to hear everyone cheering, especially all of her friends from school and youth group!!

Way to go, Kassie!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Disney on Superbowl Sunday

I know this post is rather dated, but with life being so hectic, oh well:)

About a year ago I heard on the radio that a great time to visit Disney World was on Superbowl Sunday. The caller said there were no lines and hardly any people. So since we have the yearly passes, I logged this into my memory and reminded my husband of it a couple of weeks ago.

Well, the caller must have been calling on April Fool's Day and I missed the punch line! We arrived an hour after opening and my first clue should have been the parking. But we had made the almost 2 hour drive, so we were going in! The lines just to get in were rather long and that wasn't a good sign. After fighting the crowds, we finally made it to Dumbo (since that line is ALWAYS long) only to find a 30 minute wait. So I stayed in line with my dh and dd had three buckets of popcorn (and I'm not kidding). 45 minutes later we finally got on our 2 minute Dumbo least my dd was happy.

Next we went over to It's A Small World...thinking that the lines are never long. WRONG! At this point my dh says "Forget it, we are leaving" and we start to head out. Then our dd says, "But I want to see the pirates." So off we go, fighting the crowds again only to discover the line outside and weaving for Pirates Of The Caribbean. Now, I have to tell you, I have been to Disney more times than I can count and I have NEVER seen a line like that. So after seeing that line, I agreed it was time to go and we left.

Our poor dd was heartbroken, though. But at least we have the passes and are going back this fingers are crossed:)

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Favorite Rituals with Your Kids

I am participating in a contest for one of my favorite blogs, Preschool Activities Everyday.

My favorite ritual with my daughter is right before nap time and bed time. We always crawl into bed together and read some books. I love it because it's time that just the two of us spend time together and I also know how important it is for me to read to her. It's been fun, as well, to see her memorize some of the words as we read some books over and over again!

I certainly hope that this ritual will stick for many years to come!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Thankful Tuesday's

In following the Thankful Tuesday blog posts from the 4FabMoms, I too wanted to share what I am thankful for!

It's sad to admit, but every Tuesday I have to think long and hard about what I am thankful for. So weeks it' easier than others, but sometimes I really have to think! Plus, I try to think of simple things to to be thankful for and that's not always easy!

So today, I am thankful to my husband for weed whacking our yard last night. It has been needing it for about a month now and finally I said something. So he came home early last night (which means before 7pm!!!) and just did it. I was totally shocked and thrilled at the same time:) Now the yard looks so much better, but just has to be mowed (the only down side to living in have to mow year round!).

Thanks, honey:)

Sunday, February 3, 2008

I.C.E. In Your Phone?

So perhaps I am the LAST person on earth to hear of I.C.E., but I thought I would still blog about it! The other night my sis, Kate, told me about putting I.C.E. (In Case of Emergency) numbers in your phone. At first I thought she was going to tell me about some new device they've come out with, but I was pleasantly surprised with what she told me! It is recommened that you have emergency contact numbers in your phone in case you're ever in accident and can't make a phone call. She said that it takes authorities an average of 5 hours to contact family. So, if you have reprogrammed an I.C.E. number, then they will know who to call immediately!

So, I guess this is one more thing I've learned this week and one more thing to add to my "to do" list. And if you haven't done it already, I encourage you to enter an ICE number into your cell and talk to your friends and family about it as well!