Friday, February 29, 2008


Before having kids I swore I would never be one of those moms that bragged about how smart their kids were. I just found it to be so annoying! But now that I have a little one, I just can't help myself. I really do try not to brag that much, but I thought I would share how amazed I am with my little one!

Lilly is almost 3 (so sad!) and we love to read together. One of our favorite author's is Sandra Boynton. I love her books because they are short, have cute rhyming stories, and the animals are so cute. I think Lilly likes them because they are easy to memorize!

Our new favorite book is What's Wrong Little Pookie? After reading the book only a couple of times, Lilly knows the title and even tries to read it to me! With most of the other Boynton books, she can finish each sentence (because we've read them that much!). It just makes me so proud of her!!

So, if you don't have any Boynton books, be sure to get them all! They are the best!!

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Kim said...

We love the Boynton books around our house as well! They are so cute and fun to read.

:) Glad you have a smarty on your hands. She will be a huge help when her brother arrives!