Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Christmas Trees Don't Sink!

Before I explain my whole learning experience, I have to first give you a little background!!

This morning, my hubby made me mad. And it just wasn't a "I'm mad and I'll get over it." Oh no, it was more like "I mad and I'm going to get even." I mean he really pissed a 6 month pregnant women off and I thought he ought to know it!!

Back to the tree!! After Christmas my dh removed our tree and wreath and promptly dropped in our flowerbed in front of our house (I should mention that there aren't any flowers in the bed since our dogs have destroyed it!). So for the past month I have been watching the tree turn various shades of dead! I've mentioned it to him several times, but it was still there this morning.

So, I thought I would take matters into my own hands and I dragged the tree and wreath over to our pond. One of my friends suggested that the tree would make a nice sanctuary for the fish, so I thought "Why not!" Well after prompting dumping it in the water, I quickly discovered that it wasn't sinking. At first I really didn't care. Hey, at least it was moved!! But then my mother-in-law came down and told that as the tree decomposed, it would create a fungus in our pond and that it had to be removed. So she removed the tree...since I am prego, she wouldn't let me get it out.

So the tree and wreath are again in my yard, but I've decided that I will burn it. Of course it's been raining today, so I will have to wait until it's dry. But at least I have a plan!!! Burn baby, burn!!!


Kim said...

Did you burn it yet?!! Pictures please! :)

Betsy said...

You know, the stupid thing is STILL in my yard. I need to have a burning ceremony soon:)