Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Thankful Tuesday's

In following the Thankful Tuesday blog posts from the 4FabMoms, I too wanted to share what I am thankful for!

It's sad to admit, but every Tuesday I have to think long and hard about what I am thankful for. So weeks it' easier than others, but sometimes I really have to think! Plus, I try to think of simple things to to be thankful for and that's not always easy!

So today, I am thankful to my husband for weed whacking our yard last night. It has been needing it for about a month now and finally I said something. So he came home early last night (which means before 7pm!!!) and just did it. I was totally shocked and thrilled at the same time:) Now the yard looks so much better, but just has to be mowed (the only down side to living in FL...you have to mow year round!).

Thanks, honey:)

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