Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Did you forget to ask this question?

Today I have the privilege of having Denise Willms as a guest blogger. I first met Denise through the Smart Moms Professional Series when she taught us how to "Write Articles for Traffic." Denise did a terrific job and I learned a ton. Since then I have joined her article submission site, WAHM-Articles.com and have seen a stream of new traffic because of it.

Because Denise had so much to share and has experienced success at working from home, I just knew she would have more valuable information to share with us!

Did you forget to ask this question?

Article marketers – those who write and submit articles as a means of driving traffic to their websites – usually find it works quite well.

If you've tried it yourself, you may have watched your stats go up... and your new visitors leave soon after. You might have realized there was one important question you forgot to ask.

How do I keep all this traffic coming back?

Sound familiar? You’re not alone. But there’s a way to keep those new visitors coming back for more.

First-time visitors don’t necessarily become buyers. They may not even become repeat visitors. They already have a whole list of bookmarked sites they frequent. Why add yours to the mix?

A slight twist on the technique you used to get them to your site in the first place can keep them returning. In other words, providing quality content that gives information they need.

Think about a particular site you visit regularly. Why do you keep going back? Odds are it’s because, in some form or other, it has content that you just can’t find anywhere else.

While the articles you submit to directories and groups might be published all over your corner of the ‘Net, you should keep some of your best articles for your own exclusive use. Make sure they’re extremely relevant to what your target market wants and make them easy to find on your site.

Once your visitors know you have good quality content they can’t get anywhere else, they’ll start coming back for more. With every visit comes another chance to turn them into buyers.

Denise Willms homeschools her two children while writing articles and press releases that drive traffic to her clients’ websites. Subscribe to her newsletter, WAHM-Articles Ezine http://www.wahm-articles.com/ezine.html, and receive 105 Power Tips to Get Your Online Business Noticed and Profiting.

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