Saturday, September 1, 2007

The Tipping Point

By guest blogger Rebekah
reprinted from Smart Moms - Smart Business
I have recently finished the national bestseller The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell. Through years of research, he explains how one small event can change a business or concept to make it explode! He uses company examples such as Gore, Airwalk, and Hush Puppies to demonstrate how a small event can change the course of a business. He shows how overcoming small obstacles in crime can change an entire city, like NYC and Baltimore. Each of these events were dramatically changed by a small happening: some kids started wearing a particular pair of shoes, a small advertising company created a big concept, one city official decided to remove the graffiti from the subway system.

The whole basis of the book is that little things can make a big difference. I look at the work at home mom trend that is developing in the United States as a tipping point. For years through the womans lib movement, woman have wanted to be in the workplace. Now there is a strong movement towards women continuing to work, but working in non traditional forms- at home, telecommuting, for themselves in a small home based business.

I strongly recommend you picking up a copy of The Tipping Point. It is a relatively cheap paperback with tons of great information on what makes society change.

If you want to read another great idea from the book to explain why dad's cannot remember everything you have told them 100 times, read the post in our 4fabmmoms blog.

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