Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A Cool Find

My friend, Rebekah, has been telling me about this cool club online, but as always, I have put off looking into it! It's called The Brands Club and it's an online club that has over 250+ stores you can shop in and receive discounts. Stores like Gap, Old Navy, Babies R Us, Toys R Us and so many more!

I have several baby showers coming up and she sent me an email reminding me to buy online (since we don't have a Babies R Us close to us) through The Brands Club. Not only it is free to join, but I made 5% back on my purchase. It's not a ton, but at least it's more than I would have made if I hadn't joined!

Another great incentive is that once you join, you can refer your friends and if 5 join, you make $5. It's simple, free, and so easy! So check it out today. And if you sign up, please be sure to use my Membership Code so I will get credit: BC04275. Many Thanks!!

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Howard said...

check out the now a days they are having a huge 80% off sale....yeah us!