Thursday, January 17, 2008

Manners, Are They Important?

So I was reading an article today in my Cookie Magazine that was talking about manners. The author had some very insightful points and thoughts. Like, are all manners really necessary or pertinent to our lifestyle. She used the example of breaking bread rather than chomping into it. Her thought was perhaps breaking the bread was done eras ago for some health reason (looking for mold or bugs!!) and perhaps it was never meant as a manner at all.

While I appreciated her thoughts, I still walked away with the feeling that she doesn't place as much emphasis on manners as I would and do require. I was raised with manners and have always prided myself on being well mannered. I think it's polite and shows that you have some sophistication if you use manners. And since I cringe whenever I don't hear a child use "please" or "thank-you" I have instilled these manners in my toddler. Of course I will teach her more as she grows up, but for the time being, it's just the simple manners that I require!

And since we live in the south, I do require my dd to use "sir" and "ma'am." My mother cringes when she hears this, but it's something that I have grown to realize is important in our little hill-billy town (okay, we're not that bad!!). There just seems to be a difference in the kids that are required to say it vs. those that aren't. And since it's polite, well, my dd is required to say it! Plus, right now it's really cute coming from a two and half year old!!

So, I was wondering, do you find manners to be important and if so, what do you require of you kids? And do you find a difference in kids that are well mannered vs. those who are not? Looking forward to your comments!!!

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Vicki Arnold said...

Manners are a lost art. We work on "please" and "thank you" and waiting your turn, etc. I fully plan to teach them to hold doors open for others.

Manners and etiquette teach us that we are not the center of the world. We need to think of others, a message that seems lost in society today.