Wednesday, June 17, 2009

CVS Deal & Cheap Chicken

I can't tell you how exciting and motivating it is to hear about everyone's deals!!! I walked into Church tonight to learn of a deal that I hadn't seen yet (although I was on the computer ALL afternoon). It's a great money maker at CVS. Learn more HERE. The great news is that it's Missy and Marcy did it tonight so it's working in good 'ol Lake Placid!!! Remember that you can use multiple cards and get the deal over and over again, but if you do, please leave some for me!!!

UPDATE: Unfortunately CVS has now pulled this promotion. Seems there was a gliche in the system. Congrats to those who were able to get it!! Unfortunately that was not me:(

The other good news is the Sweetbay has their boneless, skinless chicken marked down to $1.79. This is my rock bottom price and of course I will be stocking up...although my freezer is still quite full from the last sale!!! Now, I have always found Sweetbay to have enough in stock, BUT if you don't have enough room in your freezer, you might want to wait until Tuesday and go and see if they are out. If they are, get a raincheck (and ask for LARGE amount, you can always break it up over a couple of months) and then buy when you have the room!! Again, they are usually well stocked, but it's always worth a try!!!


Katie said...

I went and got mine this morning from CVS...and then thirty minutes later they pulled it from the shelve preventing Jerri from getting any...said it was a mistake. Uh....I think they still should have given her the deal. I say we all do a diaper drop at CVS front door.... :)

Betsy said...

I am hoping that this new Advisor Panel will allow us to vent our frustrations. Although I have fewer frustrations with CVS than I do Walgreens!!!