Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Monthly Totals

Hey everyone. I wanted to share my monthly totals and ask you all to do the same. It's so encouraging to see everyone's great savings! So either post about it on your blog and leave a link or just post a comment!!

May 2009
Spent: $481.06
Weekly: $120.26
Saved: $387.88
80% savings:)

My total is a little high because of Gage's birthday party. I'm really going to get my weekly average down this month!!

Okay, on to my brag moment. I know I've told most of you about my amazing shopping trip this week, but I just had to show pictures!! Never fully understood why the other blogs took the time to do this, but now I do!! You can't fully appreciate all I got until you see it!!!
6 bags of dog food, but gave two to Jackie!
12 bags of dog treats
4 bottles of mustard
1 24 oz. ketchup (FREE from mailer coupon)
1 8 0z. Casade dishwasher rinse (FREE from mailer coupon)
2 bottles of Fantastic
This is my stash I've been gathering for the past couple of weeks!

Also included in the purchase: 9 cases of Capri Suns!!!
(I had to remove these from the Hotwater heater...Carl said they'd catch fire!)


Katie said...

Great Job!!! I love seeing all the capri suns...which i've been forbidden from buying you can have all my coupons.

My April totals were:
Spent $639.25
Saved $724.83

My May totals were:
Spent $377.65
Saved $481.88

Like you...I had a birthday party to plan for but I did anticipate and take advantage of the sales leading up so that so I didn't have to pay so much out of pocket. I have 8 bottles of A-1, 8 Bottles of Kraft dressing, 8 bottles of mustard, 8 packages of hotdogs (which are in the freezer), several packages of pasta, etc...I didn't have a very high month in May only because I didn't really buy much meat...just ate what we had..hopefully soem good deals are coming because I'm running LOW!!!

Betsy said...

Katie, I like to see totals when you saved more than you spent! I tried to buy WAY in advance for the party, but still my numbers were high!! Oh well, I guess I'm allowed an off month once and a while:)

Jerri said...

The Month of May 2009
Total OOP
Publix $286.63
Total Savings $669.50
Total if I didn't have
coupons or the sales $956.13

I'm very happy I hope June is better and less OOP.

Walgreens OOP $92.30
Total Savings $325.94
Total withou the sales
and coupons $418.24

CVS OOP $25.09
Total Savings $48.91
Total without the sales
and coupons $74.00

Betsy said...

ok, Jerri. I think YOU need to teach the class. Those are some great savings:)