Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Best Networking Tip

I am participating in a Blog Carnival with Suzanne at The Moms In Business Blog. Our topic, The Best Networking Tip.

The best networking tip is to learn how to reach a cold market. This is something that is rarely taught in the network marketing industry, however, it is crucial for your business growth. Most times people will quickly go through their warm market and then their business stalls. However, if you learn how to market in a cold market, you can work both simultaneously and keep your sales consistent.

There are tons of ways to market to a cold market and thankfully it's easy to get started. One of the best ways is to market your business online. The internet has become a hot spot for people looking for ways to make money at home while at the same time purchasing high quality products from the convenience of their own home. A few ways to gain traffic and a presence online is through the following: a blog, writing articles, participating in forums and building a website.

Since starting my online marketing 6 months ago, I have learned so much and am amazed at what I have created. It's not hard, but does require so effort and time. If you would like help starting any of the following, here is a great Work at Home site and WAHM forum that will help you get started! Both are free and are super helpful!

To your success!

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Amber said...

You're so right on target! How many times do you find that you trust someone simply because you feel like you've seen their name before - and in several places?

Great reminder!