Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Host Your Own Talk Show

My friend and Smart Mom Rebekah and I have started hosting our own "talk show." We are using Talk Shoe to host a weekly call on Jack Canfield's The Success Principles.

First, we love The Success Principles. We began reading it in the fall and jumped right into doing the activities and exercises Canfield recommends. He gives real life examples and real life application to the principles that lead him to his success.

Second, we love to talk. And why not talk and get paid for it. It will not make us millions to begin with, but it is a small amount of money to do something that could only bring more traffic to your website.

Talk Shoe is a free hosting company for audio recordings. You only need a phone and a computer. We set up the free broadcast, call in on our scheduled time, and talk. People can call in, listen from their computer, or listen to the recorded call. Our recorded calls are right here on this site- every time someone listens, you make a little more money.

Talk Shoe is also an affiliate- anyone who signs up through our link also earns us a little money. It continues with each show you broadcast and each person you refer to Talk Shoe.

A simple way to make money from home, host your own talk show and any topic, have it available from your website or blog, and refer others to this great free service.

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