Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Blog Tipping

I was blog tipped by the 4FabMoms and I am excited to join in on blog tipping!

Blog tipping Definition: Blog tipping is where you publish a blog post in which you link to three unsuspecting blogs and offer three compliments and/or one helpful tip to each blogger. (Or adapt those numbers to your own preferences; the principle of selflessness is what matters most here.) Blog tipping is a refreshing and useful surprise that can start a blogger’s month with a huge smile!

Here are my 3 pics for August! Hope you enjoy reading them as much as I have!

The Amazing Shrinking Mom ~ I found this blog to be very inspirational, witty and helpful. Since I am also on a (two year) weight loss journey, I could identify with most of her posts, plus it's nice knowing I am not alone on my journey! Way to go Amazing Shrinking Mom!

Fast Times @ Homeschool High ( ~ I was eager to read this blog since I am a former homeschool student and a fellow Floridian! In reading Denise's posts, it's evident of her dedication and love for her daughter! It's great to know that homeschooling is thriving!

Trish the Dish ~ I really enjoyed reading this blog. I could really relate to Trish's entries about being a stay at home mom. Some of her posts made me smile and others made me laugh! I also enjoyed viewing the beautiful pics of her girls!


Suzanne Wells, eBay Power Seller said...
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Suzanne Wells, eBay Power Seller said...

Great idea! I've added your blog to mine - sorry for the delay.

Shame on you for not coming to my blog carnival - see it here:

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