Saturday, August 18, 2007

Create a Quality Website with Great SEO

When the 4fabmoms started on their internet quest, we tried to find inexpensive options for website hosting. We began with 1&1 and have built a quality site with the free software provided by the company. We did a few extras like create our own header, but other than that, it was a point and click operation, much like writing in a word processor. It is also affordable. Check out our work at home mom site we built with 1&1.

The downfall of 1&1 is that it does not teach you how to optimize your site. You can but together a great looking site that may not get any traffic. We then looked into SBI, Site Build It. Even though it was a higher up front cost, 4fabmoms Rebekah already has over 70 visitors per day to her preschool activities site that is only a few months old. That is quite impressive. SBI teaches you how to brainstorm a profitable topic, place your keywords, and monetize your site. You cannot go wrong when they offer a second site for $100/year. Do not be bothered by the cost per year from SBI... take it from the 4fabmoms and do it first. You site will have great optimization and get great traffic.

To make money online, choose a quality web hosting company. Do not go with a free hosting service. Invest the money in your business that needs to be invested. You need traffic to convert to sales. SBI can teach you to create a quality site that gets traffic.

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